Intel Pentium Silver N6000 Gaming Benchmark Impress Low Budget Retro Gamers

Impressive gaming performance for retro gaming is already implemented by Intel Jasper Lake 10nm processor lineup with amazing UHD integrated graphics powerhouse. This time around Liva Z3 mini-pc makes a big swing to get classic gaming into a whole new level.

Enormous credit goes to YouTuber named ETA Prime for making this in-depth review for Liva Z3. So, fresh Liva Z3 tiny PC could execute your daily internet browsing and office work with ease. Additionally, it is also capable to satisfy classic gaming needs via latest Intel’s 10nm process node based Pentium Silver N6000, up to 16GB DDR4 memory running at 2933MHz and 128GB eMMC storage. Surprising upgrade for storage is M.2 slot support.

First off, CS:GO gameplay at 720p medium settings provides only 40 fps on average and horrific dips awaits you if multiple physics or bots attack you at once during heavy shoot-out. Definitely, CS:GO gaming for Intel Pentium N6000 processor is not recommended since 75 fps or above required to play it smooth.

Elder’s Scrolls: Skyrim is the best open world adventure classic game for Intel N6000 CPU due to less demanding graphics gameplay in which retro gamer could play at 60 fps stable on 720p medium settings. See also Ryzen 5 5500U gaming performance runs only on integrated Vega 7 graphics.

Another gem from 2009 is Left 4 Dead 2 from Valve corporation. Astonishing average 78 fps at 720p resolution performance is expected for Intel N6000 budget laptop processor. Solid UHD Graphics performance leads to silky smooth gaming experience while shooting various zombies.

PSP emulator playing Midnight Club on Liva Z3 with Intel N6000 CPU impress many nostalgic PlayStation Portable gamers till their jaws dropped to floor. Firm 60 fps performance from N6000 processor is not a joke. Other prominent emulators like GameCube Dolphin and 3Ds also might play 60 fps locked butter smooth games without any hiccups on Pentium N6000 according to ETA Prime enthusiast.

Source: ETA Prime via YT