Playing Evil Dead: The Game On RTX 3050 Delivers Decent Experience

We have played the recent Evil Dead: The Game on RTX 3050 using only Epic and Epic DLSS settings were used in single-player mode but in multiplayer all the settings were employed. The supporting CPU was Ryzen 5 5600X with six cores.

On both modes with Epic settings, the game was smooth at the beginning when the selected hero walks inside the house. Later he comes out and starts encountering zombies. That time we noticed a lagging in milliseconds. The game is quite animated by the way and not like the latest COD that gives real-life graphics as if the player is inside the action movie.

The average FPS was at 62 while the GPU was heating up to 69 degrees Celsius but the CPU was lower at 63 degrees. Of course, the settings go lower the FPS gets high. However, in low settings, there were some tolerated lags that are highly expected in such graphics cards.

Average FPS has reached around 103 in low settings, 95 at medium, and 84 at high. Epic and Epic DLSS were giving low average FPS with a pretty decent gaming experience.