Steam Deck Vs AYA Neo Next Gaming Performance Benchmark Duel Revealed

Worthy battle between excellent handheld mini PC consoles begin. Budget mobility gamers now have in their hand Steam Deck with custom Linux distro OS and fully fledged Windows OS based AYA Neo Next monster. Both consoles possess various firepower in their specific features. However, they share similar branded chipset built by AMD’s 7nm APU architecture. Let’s see how Steam Deck vs AYA Neo Next gaming benchmark duel reveals new horizons.

Steam Deck Vs AYA Neo Next Gaming Performance

Gaming benchmarks between both Steam Deck and AYA Neo Next might differ in terms of frame rate as AYA Neo Next can be modified at TDP rating. Amazing four greatest triple A game titles tested by ETA Prime YT channel. They are God of War, Witcher 3, Elden Ring and Forza Horizon 5.


AMD provides 7nm APUs for mini PCs, laptops and various consoles like PS5 and Xbox One X. Nonetheless, under the hood the AYA Neo Next gets standard AMD Ryzen 7 5800U mobile APU based on Zen 3 Cezanne architecture with enormous 8 Cores 16 Thread configuration compared to Steam Deck Spec’s Custom Zen 2 APU with 4 Core 8 Thread.

Graphics wise, RDNA2 8 Compute Unit (CU) is obviously playing dominant role for Steam Deck’s superiority in some games over outdated Vega 8 (CU) which is still offered by AYA Neo Next.

Also, Steam Deck’s distinct huge advantage of 16GB LPDDR5 RAM may eliminate some memory bandwidth or speed bottlenecks better than AYA Neo Next’s LPDDR4 RAM.

Time Spy Synthetic Benchmark

Within synthetic benchmark number you have a rough idea about both battling consoles’ pure firepower in specific areas. Obviously, multicore AYA Neo Next wins CPU benchmark at 16W and 28W TDP configuration against Steam Deck’s little quad core CPU by up to 45%. On the other hand, Steam Deck’s Navi architecture iGPU came victorious with 25% better performance compared to AYA Neo Next’s old Vega in Graphics Score numbers even though 16W power bottleneck is imposed from factory default.

Steam Deck Vs AYA Neo Next: God of War Benchmark

PC port of God of War favors Nvidia graphics but AMD RDNA and GCN architectures were able to maintain playable performance on original graphics setting using FSR Performance at HD resolution. AYA Neo Next obtains playable 25 fps at 16W TDP limit just to enjoy the storyline of God of War PC.

At 28W power enhancement, AYA Neo Next could play God of War while realizing similar performance as 16W but stuttering mess is prevented a little.

Native FSR performance within Steam Deck software provides some edgy performance in playing God of War at only 15W that creates above 50 fps frame rate. Thanks to LPDDR5 vs LPDDR4 different numbers where bandwidth and speed matters the most in VRAM to process the texture pack storage.

Steam Deck Vs AYA Neo Next: Witcher 3 Performance

Ryzen 7 5800U is a strong APU among Cezanne family therefore Witcher 3 gameplay seems smooth seeing 47 fps on average performance at only 16W limit.

Meanwhile, 15W configured Steam Deck does 60 fps miracle in Witcher 3 legendary title due to it’s RDNA2 latest graphics architecture in Witcher 3 benchmark.

Interestingly, AYA Neo Next manages to hit 55 fps on average in Witcher 3 title by increasing power limit at 28W using low graphics again at HD level gameplay.

Elden Ring Played On Steam Deck Vs AYA Neo Next

Two Ryzen enhanced handheld consoles have measured their gaming power in Elden Ring open world title. AYA Neo Next was able to gain around 40 fps performance on low setting at 28W TDP.

Elden Ring usually demands more graphics power but AYA Neo Next may reach 35 fps on average while using economy mode at 16W limit.

Outstanding performance was shown by Steam Deck averaging around 35 fps flicker-less frame rate on low setting at HD level resolution in playing Elden Ring.

Steam Deck Vs AYA Neo Next: Forza Horizon 5

AYA Neo Next did well in Forza Horizon 5 gameplay while it was holding up 60 fps frame rate using only 16W TDP, thanks to Windows OS native optimizations toward this racing game.

On 28W power configuration, AYA Neo Next had nearly solid 100 fps showdown which has impressed handheld fans to enjoy Forza Horizon at 720p resolution.

Steam Deck surprises again it’s strong fanbase by producing firm 79 fps frame rate on Windows emulator while playing Forza Horizon at HD level resolution.

All in all, both consoles pack the punch in different areas. Steam Deck is more likely to be exclusive oriented machine and AYA Neo Next is a multitasking beast for computing power. GPU mining might never end and handheld consoles may replace gaming PCs during shortage caused by crypto mining trend.

Source: ETA Prime YT Channel