Hive OS Compatible WiFi Adapter Becomes More Cheaper

Hive OS is basically built upon Linux operating system which is heavily customized for crypto mining purpose. Majority miners use LAN cable through Ethernet connection rather than WIFI one. However, having a big house with multiple levels might require WIFI connection for mining rigs with Hive OS. According to Ethereum and Raptoreum miners, the only compatible WIFI adapter for Linux Kernel execution is TP-Link Nano sized USB Dongle.

Hive OS Compatible WiFi Adapter

Specifically, this TP-Link model name is TL-WN725N that provides stable 150Mbps wireless network speed for big or small mining rig. It’s miniature design affects USB space in flexible way giving more breathing room for other dongles. Besides Linux OS, you may use it for Windows and Mac OS as well. Current price in Amazon is staggering cheap, marked below $10 for this WIFI gem.