Vkax Coin Mining Gives AMD Ryzen CPU Miners Another Redemption To Decentralize Blockchain Like Satoshi Nakamoto Envisioned

CPU miners found their profitable and ASIC-resistant coin which is called Vkax. It utilizes it’s own “Mike” or “‘Mike— algorithm built from the breakaway modified version of Ghostrider. Just like a Raptoreum coin, Vkax is a Monero-alike privacy coin that no authority can track or trace any transaction in it’s network. On the other hand, Vkax is based on Dash coin’s modified fork secured by Masternodes method.
This particular coin favors AMD Ryzen CPUs especially with Zen 2 and Zen 3 microarchitectures in which you may find large L3 cache sizes being used as quick memory to run Mike algorithm, mining on Intel Core 12th gen is not profitable compared to AMD processors.
Largest Vkax mining pool appears to be Rplant CPU mining heaven and second one is Zergpool. Most prominent CPU mining YT channel Rabid Mining had enjoyed on biggest profits last year by mining Raptoreum using Ryzen 9 3900X and 5950X CPUs. Now Vkax got it’s time to shine among decentralized healthy networks such as Monero and Raptoreum coins.
Vkax mining profitability is decent compared to other coins because Rabid Mining has revealed $1.39 revenue a day per CPU rig. That’s mind-boggling business to say due to GPU mining is coming to decline after Ethereum switches from proof of work to proof of stake phase leaving large GPU and ASIC miners to jump into ETC, ERGO or Flux coins.
Satoshi Nakamoto prescribed Bitcoin to be completely decentralized but elite traders and exchanges withhold as many as BTCs by locking them up in centralized wallets therefore privacy coins are created to serve ordinary people. Also, Bitcoin cannot be mined by CPUs or GPUs anymore due to enormously expensive ASIC machines have driven mining difficulty up, hence that are frequently not accessible to public.